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Overwhelmed with the expectations I set for myself and my business, I created an unrealistic vision of what my life should look like. 


The refusal to accept the reality of my situation was the problem and it almost cost me everything.  We are not taught to challenge the negative thoughts we create in our minds which lead to years of built up painful emotions.

Years of burying these emotions and negative thoughts lead to increased levels of stress, pressure, fear, anxiety, money worries, and feeling alone.  With the refusal to accept the reality of the situation, suppression was the only way to quiet the noise. 

My name is Tony LaPrino the owner and CEO of OnAscent an unconventional coaching agency for leaders who want to find direction and purpose in life while scaling their way to lifestyle freedom. 


I had a big vision, an even bigger fire deep within my soul to create a new reality in my life. A reality based on the truth. Built on facts.


It was time to change my reality.  For the first time in my life the possibility of a life filled with deep purpose, passion, power, prosperity was now my new reality.  And it soon will become yours.

I created an empowering coaching system for the millions of people who feel alone because there is a dark side of being an business leader. If I can inspire just one person to discover and realize the life they were destined to lead than it was all worth it.

As your mentor on how to become an empowered leader and live a more fulfilled life, I know firsthand how scary and overwhelming life can be as an business leader. 


What I realized over those years is I was spending all my time chasing my career at the sacrifice of my family and there had to be a better way.

As a husband, father and a business owner I will never pretend that I have the “magic” formula or the “easy” way to success. I may not know everything, but what I do know I am willing to share.

Are you fulfilled with the life that you are living, and if you’re not, do you have the guts to jump into a new opportunity and create your new reality?  You are only one decision away. It’s time to create your new reality, and together, we are stronger. 

Are you ready?

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