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I am a leader.  I am the designer of my destiny and I continue to create a life and business that is filled with great fulfillment, connection and accomplishment by consistently defying my current reality.  

My name is Tony LaPrino and I help married business leaders just like you, who feel lost, frustrated and alone to discover and realize the life they were destined to lead.  Empowering them to find direction and purpose in life and reach their full potential is who I am.  

I believe that most driven business leaders feel frustrated, lost and alone because they don't have a true sense of direction and purpose in life.  

I also believe that each one of us has the power within to redefine ourselves so that you too can discover and realize the life you were destined to lead.


Maybe you are a lot like me and for years you have kept things in that bother you because you have a strong fear of letting people know the real you, fear being criticized by others, fear of failure.  Expressing your feelings is taboo for men like us who are suppose to be strong, confident, always have our shit together and take on every obstacle that is placed in front of us with ease.  

One of the biggest struggles I have had was admitting that past experiences in my life have had a major impact on who I was and how I operated as a man.  I never wanted to admit how much pain I was in let alone allow anyone else to see it.  The pain was always present.  I would try to ignore it.  I would try to forget it.  I would take on as much responsibilities and opportunities in my work pretending that my pain didn't matter anymore.  I have a loving family that I am surrounded by each day but I would struggle to let them get close to me.  I would pretend that everything was alright knowing that inside I was empty, lost and alone.  

Having spent countless hours over the past three years searching for answers as to why I was feeling the way I was feeling, having the negative thoughts I was having and why I operate life the way I do, I have come to a place in my life where the barriers and walls are being broken down.  Layers are being peeled back the more exposing of thoughts, feelings and emotions of my past that have impacted my life in many ways.  In some cases, my past has held me back.  In others, my past has shaped me for who I am today.

I continue to dig into my past in detail to help unlock the gates of the future version of myself and who I want to become. 

Growing up in a dysfunctional home with high amounts of tension, anger, addiction, fighting, separation many days and periods of time in my life I have felt; hurt, confused and scared.  Following the same patterns and behaviors of my parents, lead me to a place of fear and anger at age 35.  I was at a crossroads and had to decide; continue with the same patterns and behaviors and lose everything and put my family through the same pain I went through as a kid.  Or decide to be different and break the cycle of the sedated silent son and build a life and family I could be proud of.  

The decision was easy but I knew I was in for a difficult fight.  I had to take a stand against this sick society we live in that says men can't be vulnerable and be an empowered leader at the same time.  

Coming to grips that I had a vulnerability problem and I had no idea what I wanted for my life was not easy.  What I realized was, when you're not willing to be vulnerable it creates and impossible path to connect with others which leads to intimacy issues with your loved ones.  Leaving you feeling alone and isolated and in this condition you are not able to lead yourself, let alone your family and your business.  

The solution: The Leader's Journey .  This 90 day experience is focused on creating a winning belief system, creating a winning habits system and finally creating a lifestyle freedom plan.  

I am not like everyone else and I certainly don't follow the crowd.  In fact, our desire is the exact opposite.  

As your mentor on how to build a more profitable business by design and live a more fulfilled life, I know firsthand how scary and overwhelming life can be as an entrepreneur.  As a husband, father, and business owner I will never pretend that I have the "magic" formula or the "easy" way to success.  I may not know everything, but what I do know I am willing to share.

Believe everyday that you can create the life you desire - Keep OnAscent


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