Major Changes

Updated: Jul 25

Change SUCKS! Changes in life can be difficult at times, however change can also lead to new possibilities.

Change can be difficult at times. (Who am I kidding? Personally, I think it sucks.) We all have our comfort zones. Our day-to-day routines. And when that is compromised, the majority of people retreat back to safety and security.

Over the past 2 years, I experienced some of the most difficult times of my entire life. I had to face the man in the mirror and tell myself the truth about who I really was—as a husband, a father, and a businessman. That may seem like a simple task. But trust me, it’s not. The reality of the truth can hurt. It does hurt. Yet I realized that change was necessary to save my life and my marriage. I need to take control.

We already know that change isn’t easy for me. One thing that I learned over the past 2 years is that there is no light without dark. Meaning? You must be willing to face the darkness, the pain, the difficult times.

You have to face them head-on in order to get to the other side; the light, the good times, the positive outcomes. Think of it this way: most of the time exercise makes you uncomfortable physically.

But on the other side of that pain is something positive. It’s the decreased risk of disease, better health, improved physical appearance, greater mental clarity. And the list goes on.

It was no different for me when it came to making changes in all areas of my life. I had to experience the bad (or difficult tasks) to get to the good.

  • Attended marriage counseling

  • Overhauled my business

  • Cut out alcohol

  • Create new routines

  • Partake in personal coaching and counseling

On the other side of all this work came good (no, incredible) results.

  • Made a deeper connection with my wife and kids

  • Built a business on purpose, truth, and principles

  • Gained my healthiest, fittest body (even more so than when I was a college athlete)

  • Established new routines that give me clarity and power to face the day

  • Cultivated a network of people that keep me accountable, in-check, and challenged

  • Created predictable, sustainable results in my business

  • Achieved control of my money

  • Gained clarity of the #1 Asset, #1 Investment, and #1 Strategy for my money

  • Found a life of purpose

This all came from me simply telling myself the truth (and finally being able to face it). I had to look at the man in the mirror and realize: I am that I am.

I’ll follow-up with more on the truth around the business that I was in and the new opportunity that I was able to create—not only for me and my family but for so many of my clients and their families. This new path of freedom and financial independence opened up to me in as little as five to seven years.



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