Searching For Answers

Updated: Jul 25

Figuring this game of life out as a husband, father and entrepreneur can be overwhelming. Feeling alone on this journey is very real and scary.

Thank you for joining me on this wild adventure called life. Have you ever felt like you are out on this island alone? Going through this journey of life and business and there's no one else around you experiencing the same problems and challenges that you face every single day. Have you ever felt like you just needed someone to talk to? Someone to connect with? Someone who gets it? Someone who faces the same challenges you face? Someone who can bring some perspective into your world? Maybe you're tired of trying to figure this game of life out alone. If this speaks to you, know you are not alone.

Searching For Answers

I was searching. I was searching for answers as to why my life wasn’t working and why I felt so empty in my marriage and in my business. I found that, at that time, I didn’t have the power to produce the results that I desired—not as a father, a husband, nor as a business owner.

I didn’t have a plan. But I did find a path. The path to accessing power, gaining control, and ultimately, giving me the ability to achieve the results I had always worked for. I began by focusing on four key areas of my life: my body, my being, my balance, and my business.

My Health & Wellness

I believe that not only is my body a source of power, but that it also must support my pursuit of power. In order to do that, I must treat my body correctly with fitness and fuel. Only then, does my body become the servant of my ultimate desire: the access to power.

My Mindset and Belief

Similar to my body, my being must also work for me. Through meditation, I am able to create new connections and find space in my mind to overcome challenges. This daily act helps me sleep better, stress less, eat mindfully, and smile more. Once I finish my meditation, I journal my revelations. I write about my feelings, my experience, my day. These revelations lead to new inspiration and become my personal scripture to expand.

My Relationships

One of the hardest games inside my life was connecting with my wife and children on a daily basis. With a very simple action I am able to interact with the ones that I love—without demanding or expecting anything in return. Every morning, I send my wife a daily text that helps strengthen our relationship in a one-directional nature. I focus each text on statements of: “I honor,” “I appreciate,” and “I love.” For my kids, I leave a sticky note each morning that focuses on the statement of: “I love you because.” These simple acts build upon my connections every single day.

My Business

Each day, I learn something new. I read or listen to a topic on business, specifically on the subjects of marketing, sales, systems, leadership, and speaking. I learn in order to expand my mind and discover new possibilities and perspectives. By making this a daily ritual, I continue to expand and take my concepts to creation by teaching and sharing what I learned with others.

Looking back on my path, I realize that one simple formula helped guide me. The formula is that control equals power. I will continue to share my findings and learnings with you, both on the website and in this blog, so you can also find control and power in your life.



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