Where It All Began

Updated: Jul 25

In life we are faced with decisions. Every decision has a consequence. One decision can change everything.

Resources that Resonate: Warrior Book

Everything changed for me in April 2018. It was then that a friend recommended Warrior Book by Garret J. White to me. That night, I went on and I came across a few simple concepts:

  • How to Ignite Production

  • How to Gain Power

  • How to Make Profit

  • How to Uncover Purpose

These just weren’t any concepts. They were questions that I was desperately seeking answers for. At that time, I was searching. I wanted to know why my life wasn’t working. Why I felt so empty in my marriage and in my business. Why I felt so alone. Why I felt so disempowered.

On the surface, my life looked like just any other American family. I had a beautiful wife, a house, two wonderful kids, a dog, and a solid business. But in reality, I was at an all-time low in my life and I didn’t know why. My marriage was distant. The relationship with my daughters was superficial. My life over the last 10 years had been a roller coaster ride—and the dips seemed to be getting deeper and deeper with a slower climb out every time. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I was having terrible all-consuming thoughts. I had anger and rage in the pit of my stomach. I had overwhelming feelings of sadness, guilt, and shame. I felt isolated. Every day, I pretended like everything was ok.

With the arrival of the Warrior Book, my new journey began. It was the journey that helped me gain control of my life. As I sat reading that black book, every chapter, every page, every story, and situation the author was describing was something I had experienced or was experiencing in my life at some level. The book opened my eyes to many major revelations. One in particular that hit home was that “I was not ALONE!”  It was like the author was reading directly to me. The book gave me a sense of hope that I had never felt before. I began to connect the missing puzzle pieces of my life.

I had always had a strong sense that I was destined to be more and do more—as a man, husband, father, and entrepreneur. I had a desire to change and find my purpose in life. And now, I finally had the HOW.

Check out and continue checking in for more tips on how to regain control of your life.



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